Using the Directory


From general to very specific - let the directory connect you

Within Councils Community you will see a menu tab called "Directory".  Within that you will see four choices.

Three of the directories offer contact information, like a White Pages.  This data is pulled directly from the CUNA database and should be up to date. 

  • Find a Credit Union *
  • Find a League
  • Find a Service Provider

* Note credit union names are often abbreviated, so Federal Credit Union becomes FCU, and Credit Union becomes CU.  Thus it is advised to make your Search term as simple as possible, as otherwise you may not get a result.  For example, search for "Heartland" instead of "Heartland Credit Union" and perhaps add a State if you know where it is. 

A more powerful directory is "Find a Community Member"

This allows you to search for, and connect, with any fellow Council member who has agreed to the terms & conditions and joined the Community.  (this is not a full member directory, that can be found on the CUNA Councils website, though it searches one Council at a time, not all 7 as the Community one does)

Within the Community Member directory you can perform a simple search by name, credit union, or state or use "Advanced Search" to unlock a much wider array of options. Other than Areas of Expertise, this data is pulled directly from the CUNA database and based on Call Reports, which are updated throughout the year. 

Advanced Search can help you find members based on: