Using the Community via email


Councils Community, Your Inbox, and You...

Did you know you can network via Councils Community completely from your Inbox? 

Many members prefer to interact with their peers through email.  The Community is setup to allow that, as each email gives you control to reply the group, reply to the sender, start a new thread, or visit the thread online to see all the answers in one place. 

Note - all members should be getting at least one Daily Digest email.  If you are not, please contact me to troubleshoot.

   Choose Community DIscussions: 1 per Council & 8 Cross-Council options. Learn how.

   Set Your Email Notifications:  Real Time or Daily Digest so you get all the posts. Learn how.

   Reply via Email:  Use the red "Reply to Group" or "Reply to Sender via Email" buttons

   Start New Post Via Email: Use the link in each email or note the email address each Community uses and send directly to it to begin a new conversation

   Setup an Outlook Rule: Put your Community emails in folders for easy access. Learn how.

Need some more pointers?   Read the Community Tip Sheet and watch the Community Tour!