Community Rules of the Road

Now that you’re part of the Councils family, we wanted to give you some tips on how to use our #1 benefit – the Councils Community.  The Community is designed as a two-way communication tool to ask for and offer help, advice, and knowledge.

The Community offers a wealth of knowledge with discussions and a robust file sharing library where you can search for and upload policies, procedures, templates, job descriptions and much more.

So how do I best use the Community?

  • Go to school.  Watch the Community + File Library Tour.

  • Show us your face! Members like to know one another, so take a moment to fill out your Profile.

  • Think FAQ. Some questions come up frequently, so the best place to start is to search for existing discussion or resources on your topic. 

  • Remember to KISS. “Keep it short and simple”.  Posts with specific, obvious subject lines and concise questions help your peers quickly know what you need from them. 

  • Use your library card. The Councils Shared File Library pulls all peer-uploaded documents into one spot for easy browsing. You will find it under the “Browse” menu.

  • Go Icognito. Realize there is an anonymous posting feature, for when you are discussing something sensitive, or just wish to remain in the shadows.  Don’t overuse it, as there is value in transparency, but know it is there if you need it. You will find the check box in the posting tool online. 

If you ever have questions on this resource, let us know, and happy networking!